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Keeping kosher in Freiburg

Unfortunately there are no kosher supermarkets, cafés or restaurants in Freiburg as the local Jewish community is not big enough to maintain such an infrastructure. Nevertheless there are different ways to keep kashrut also in Freiburg.


If you know German you can consult the Kosher List of products sold in the supermarkets and matching the requirements of the Halacha. The list was assembled by the German Orthodox Rabbis Conference but is unfortunately not being updated since 2010.


Since autumn 2011 the Jewish community of Freiburg arranged production of kosher bread with the local bakery Lienhart. With its 6 branches it is thus possible to provide kosher bread in several parts of the town. As only a part of the pastries in the bakery is kosher please consult the list of kosher bread sorts on our web site.


Furthermore you can buy kosher products such as beef, chicken meat, wine, ready made meals and more from our community supplier. For more details, prices, ordering and purchasing please contact blackforest-4u.com.



The nearest kosher supermarkets and restaurants are in Strasbourg (France) and in Basel (Switzerland).


For Strasbourg you can find a complete list of the kosher shops, cafés and restaurants at the website of the Israelite Community of Strasbourg (French).


For Basel the address list is at the home page of the Israelite Community of Basel (German). There you can also find a regularly updated list of kosher products sold in Basel.